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Neapolitan collection

Open the Neapolitan collection for yourself,

staying on the exciting around the world journey together with KERAMA MARAZZI.

It is so romantic! And – most important – comfortable and practical!

The 2016 KERAMA MARAZZI collection is the embodiment of the

main trends in world ceramic fashion. New styles of ceramic tiles and

porcelain gres will certainly be a pleasure due to their new formats, and

their fashionable and innovative artistic and technological solutions.

One of the novelties is eye-catching decorative inserts and borders

made using the lappato technique during the third burning. The deco-

rative elements accomplish new series of porcelain gres simulating var-

ious materials: marble, wood, stone, metal, concrete.

Another novelty is ceramic tiles with a «plate» structure. This struc-

ture is rapidly gaining more and more popularity due to the simulation

of manual work, which has always been much appreciated and con-

tributes exclusivity to the interior.

Specially for the new collection, for the first time in history,

KERAMA MARAZZI has developed a large 150х160 decorative panel

which consists of 24 tiles in the 25x40 format. The design is modern

and full of romance. It is a wonderful view of the Gulf of Naples from a

high terrace, buried in flowers. The style of the ceramic panel suggests

classic frescoes, which makes the novelty more picturesque and em-

phasizes its national character.

The Neapolitan collection is unique in its own way. It incorporates

different styles: classic, modern, national, which significantly expands

the selection and contributes individuality to any project however com-

plex it is.

One of the Neapolitan songs has the words: «Just a

glance at Naples and a song is born at once.» Thus,

the new thematic collection KERAMA MARAZZI ap-

peared like a song, where, due to the professionalism

and creativity of a big team, due to modern materials

and advanced technologies, thoughts and feelings

were put in the right shape and hundreds of new

product items akin to musical notes were laid down in

the catalog score to sound like a magic melody in a

craftsman’s skillful hands, filling the environment with

harmony and bright colors.