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Neapolitan collection

In the villa «the balcony door was hidden behind

thick maroon curtains. When I moved them apart, the

enormous sparkling gulf appeared before me, open-

handedly, generously, forever... I would never forget

this scene.

I gasped and stood still for some time... staring

at the smooth azure of the sea in the daylight, at di-

sheveled crowns of dark green palms, at thick

ringlets of cactuses against the clear blue sky, at the

lilac foam of Bougainvillea creeping down the slope

of the gorge, at black spindles of cypresses against

the sparking gulf...»

Dina Rubina, «Solace Villa


In the south of Italy, KERAMA MARAZZI was attracted to Naples

and its surroundings; Pompei and the Amalfi Coast, including Sorrento,

Positano, Amalfi, Salerno, and the islands of Capri and Ischia, that in-

spired the creation of a new Neapolitan collection of ceramic tiles and

porcelain gres.

The architectural and cultural heritage of this area: magnificent cas-

tles, royal palaces and impregnable fortresses, cathedrals and villas,

art and archaeological museums that store ancient frescoes, antique

jewelries, incredibly realistic sculptures, unique floor and wall mosaics

and majolica paintings – leave a lasting impression in hearts and minds.

The charm and beauty of the Neapolitan coast: lemons and tan-

gerines scattered in the green foliage, magnificent rocks and mysterious

caves, malachite streaks in the sparkling depth of the sea and a clear

sky – have been attracting writers, musicians and artists from all over

the world for centuries. This is where the famous Italian poet of the 14th

century, Torquato Tasso, was born; this is the place that fascinated

many great people: Karl Bryullov, Lord Byron, Friedrich Nietzsche,

Oscar Wilde, Henrik Ibsen, Sigmund Freud, Marilyn Monroe, Richard

Wagner, Johann Goethe...