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KERAMA MARAZZI is Russia’s leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles and porcelain grès with a vast retail chain of mono-brand stores in Russia and abroad.

The high quality of KERAMA MARAZZI products, their compliance with Russian and international standards, norms and technical requirements are confirmed with appropriate certificates, technical approvals, and expert reports. The Company’s history starts in 1988 in the city of Orel...


We produce ceramic tiles, porcelain grès, mosaics and thousands of decorative elements, such as inserts, decorative panels, decors, borders, “pencils”, skirting boards, and steps. The rich assortment, the wide array of colors, styles and formats, and the broad range of prices cater to a variety of needs and help each customer fulfill his dream - from creating a comfortable home interior to implementing a large-scale project.


Each year, we release new collections and continue our exciting trip around the globe. The catalog of KERAMA MARAZZI collections resembles an atlas with information about continents, countries, cities, and towns. Today, we offer our clients and partners 12 thematic collections consisting of more than 260 series of ceramic tiles, porcelain grès, and mosaics. The broad selection of products provides every customer, including a professional audience of architects, designers, planners and developers, with the possibility to find the solution that suits them best, create an exquisite and original design and ensure the uniqueness of their project.


The surrounding world is wonderful. Traveling the world brings vivid emotions and unforgettable experiences. Architectural masterpieces, history, culture, traditions, ethnic motifs and exotic nature of various parts of the globe inspire our designers and artists to create wonderful collections. The Indian collection, which was released in 2014, represents India, one of the oldest civilizations that won our hearts with its rich national character and unique identity. The Indian style is enchanting; it is still relevant today.


Ceramic tiles are unique products. They combine the power and energy of four elements: earth, water, fire, and wind. Throughout centuries, mankind has used this finishing material in construction and has been improving its production processes in order to achieve a better quality and aesthetic appeal. We continue on the path of innovation, upgrading our production and implementing state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technologies. Today’s trend is digital printing. Currently, 17 digital printing machines are installed at KERAMA MARAZZI manufacturing plants. Digital technology allows applying any print to a tile surface with maximum photographic precision.


We are convinced that only high-quality glaze of the right choice and the imagination of artists who authored KERAMA MARAZZI collections can bring to light all advantages of digital printing and turn technological innovations into a true product of ceramic industry that will appeal to the eye of the customer. For many years, we have been committed to improving the production of our glazes and have achieved the quality that at times surpasses the level of their international analogs. First and foremost, this is true for transparent glossy glaze, or crystalline, which makes a decorative print on a tile surface come alive with volume and richness.


As we look to the future, we strive for more innovations. The indisputable advantages of digital printing do not diminish the benefits of other high-tech solutions. Today, designers, architects and developers are interested in a material that possesses excellent strength, durability and hygienic properties. Porcelain grès produced with utilization of the DRY PRESS innovative technology can fully meet all of these requirements. We are the only company in Russia that produces DRY PRESS porcelain grès, which is the most decorated product of all technical products by KERAMA MARAZZI. The DRY PRESS technology allows imitating natural materials with striking precision, while creating soft and smooth color transition as if created by nature itself. In 2014, KERAMA MARAZZI released several new products made with utilization of advanced technologies. For the first time ever, the dry tile cutting method was used on large-format tiles for the walls in the Malabar and Bihar series. Thanks to this innovation, the final product acquired a more elegant look and can be laid with a minimum joint. Among the other new products are the Bas-Relief structured metallic decors from the Kalamkari series made with various decorative effects.


The full production concept, which includes development of clay quarry, shipment of finished products and their sale to the final customer, allows us to solve key tasks in increasing our production capacity. Today, KERAMA MARAZZI’s production sector is comprised of two state-of-the-art facilities. The main plant is located in the city of Orel; the other plant, which specializes in production of porcelain grès, is located in the village of Malino, Stupino District of Moscow Region. The total production volume exceeds 30,000,000 m2 and will continue growing through investment projects involving development and start-ups of new production lines.


Products under the KERAMA MARAZZI brand are available in all regions of the Russian Federation and other countries. Currently, KERAMA MARAZZI has more than 320 mono-brand stores and 21 representative offices in Russia, Ukraine, and Latvia. Additionally, our products are carried by hundreds of multi-brand stores and DIY chain stores. Developing and expanding our trade chain, we strive to create the most comfortable and efficient environment for our clients and partners, helping them to get to know KERAMA MARAZZI products, learn how to use them, get new ideas, and make a choice that fits their needs. Discovering KERAMA MARAZZI, you can learn the most important thing: the whole world is within your reach.