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Founded in 1988, KM Group is a leading player in the Russian ceramic tiles market, manufacturing and distributing tiles under the Kerama Marazzi brand.

Today the Company is part of the Marazzi Group, a recognized global leader in ceramic tiles: experience and innovation, creativity and design, tradition and culture are the fortes of Marazzi ceramics which have been defining living spaces since 1935, combining aesthetics and high-quality materials.

KM Group has always sought to combine the best principles of Italian style and quality with a deep understanding of local tastes and preferences, resulting in a distinctive, diverse and highly sought-after product portfolio, and the leading brand in the Russian market.

KM Group has two main production facilities, both equipped with the latest Italian technology:

orel (7).jpg   orel (5).jpg


K M’s strong retail presence is a key element of the Company’s vertically integrated business model, enabling it to benefit from all stages of the value chain and bringing K Group closer to its customers. The Company’s distribution platform includes logistic centers and a wide retail network of mono-brand points of sale.

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While Russia is currently the most significant market for the KM Group, the Company’s tiles are also sold in other CIS and Baltic States, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Mongolia.